Rally Kit - 2008, 2012-17, KTM 690

  • Rally Kit - 2008, 2012-17, KTM 690

Rally Kit - 2008, 2012-17, KTM 690


Bolt on an insane amount of light and aim flexibility onto your KTM 690.

Bracket will allow you to quickly bolt in the Baja Designs SquadronSII to your 2008, 2012-17 KTM 690.

Kit includes: 
- Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED light.  $219.95
Squadron Sport price of $119.95
- Baja Desings SII LED light. Discounted price of $171.00 (retail $174.95)
- Bracket with all parts needed to bolt onto your '80, 2012-14 KTM 690.  
- Both LEDs are in a combo pattern.
Low beam = S2 only.  High beam = S2 & Squadron on at the same time.
Plug adapter to plug your light into the stock harness. (low beam= SII 2LED, High beam = 4 LED squadron)  $29 value

Optional Upgrade:
- White LEDs $20 additional cost. Send us an email before you order. 

- ABS plastic product = lightweight and rugged.
- Highly adjustable tilt for both LEDs.
- Off-road use only.

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Ships in 6-10 days depending on the availability of the LED lights.