Double Take Adventure Mirror

  • Double Take Adventure Mirror

Double Take Adventure Mirror



Adventure Mirror by Double Take Mirror.

  • Fits KTM, HQV, Alta, Beta, Gas Gas


  • Folds away for off-road use
  • In a crash it folds away
  • SAE spec glass to give maximum visibility (it can be important to distinguish Crown Victoria headlights from other vehicles!)
  • Made in the USA, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lifetime warranty (on the housing, not the glass, but you can buy the glass separately)

Special Notes

Doubletake offers three mirror options. The Enduro and the Adventure mirrors use DOT spec glass, and RAM components to position as needed. The Trail mirror is not DOT and remains stationary in position. If you plan to fold the mirror away often, but still ride on the road, we recommend the Enduro option. If you are looking for a low profile way to keep track of people offroad, the Trail mirror is for you.

We are Open Minded

We are constantly working on ideas and designing new products. To be notified of the next launch, suggest and/or request a product, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you.