AMPLINK - Electronic Power Distribution

  • AMPLINK - Electronic Power Distribution

AMPLINK - Electronic Power Distribution



New from Rowe Electronics, Amplink PDM. Built on the strong reputation of the original PDM60, the Amplink PDM maintains the total current capacity of 60 amps over 6 outputs. Each output is monitored and will shut down in the event of a short or over current fault. You can now program and view the system status on your phone using Bluetooth. Solid state electronics are used in the Amplink PDM for more reliability, less wires and more control of your power.


  • 60 Amp total capacity
  • 6 High current 20A outputs
  • Programmable amp limits
  • Output current monitoring
  • 3 programmable Input triggers
  • Bluetooth control and setup
  • Battery tender circuit
  • Rugged and waterproof

Special Notes

  • Baja part# 61-1049 modified to add a 20A relay.
  • Order processing in 2-5 days then ships with USPS Priority, 1-3 day shipping, in Continental U.S..

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