KTM 390/790/890 GPS Mount

  • KTM 390/790/890 GPS Mount

KTM 390/790/890 GPS Mount



Quickly bolt on our upper GPS mount to your 2019+ KTM 390/790/890. 
Design is based from a free download-able version by Eric N. We added stout bosses and brass threaded inserts. Guaranteed not to fail even with the heaviest GPS.

More info on the original design here LINK>>>


  • Re-use your OEM 5mm side bolts. Ready to bolt on your RAM ball or GPS mount with AMPS Bolt pattern. (horizontal AMPS pattern)
  • Polycarbonate alloy plastic product = lightweight and rugged.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kit Includes

  • 1x GPS Mount.
  • M4 threaded inserts in the AMPS pattern.

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