Accessory Circuit Power Relay System by Taco Moto Co

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Regular price $49.00
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If you want to add powered accessories to your bike such as a cell phone charger, GPS units, heated grips, aux lighting, 12V cigarette lighter ports, etc. and have them be energized *only* when the engine is running, this is the problem solver you’re looking for.
NEW IMPROVED VERSION now has toolless, crimpless, 'strip and clamp' wire connection blocks for wire installation that takes mere seconds. 


Easy 10 min 'plug and play' installation allows you to plug your accessories into the relay connectors and have them power on and off when the engine is running. 

  • Uses the same OEM KTM relay so it can be used as a spare in an emergency
  • Cleans up the mess if wiring connected to the battery
  • Uses OEM or automotive grade components made in the USA, Germany and Japan for a lifetime of rugged waterproof service, no cheap parts 
  • Installs in minutes
  • Doesn’t tap into any other circuit on the bike so an issue w your accessories won’t knock out a critical function like headlights or fuel pump 
  • Genuine OEM 25A mini fuse
  • Genuine OEM Panasonic relay with 35A rated relay contacts 
  • NOTE: on some 12-16 bikes with a key with certain ECU's, the relay may energize when the key is turned to the run position. 


All KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS two and four stroke fuel injected bikes with compatible connector type  **not compatible on bikes with a red diagnostic port connector**