DEALER / LED Kits for KTM 2024

$280.95 - $510.95
Choose LED: XL Pro (Needs Stator)
Regular price $510.95
Regular price Sale price $510.95
Regular price $510.95
Regular price Sale price $510.95


All 2024 Dealer package kits include an LED kit, forward harness to battery with switch, and upper mask bracket.

The prices listed reflect the MSRP for these Motominded components and the 20% dealer discount applies to these components only.

XL PRO and SQUAD PRO kits must use an aftermarket stator and are to be purchased separately at MSRP. ( 2 stroke stator) / (4 stroke stator)

DEALERS, you supply the following OEM parts to complete the Kit. 

2024 KTM Upper Mask A49008001000EBA 1x
2024 KTM Lower Mask A49008001010C1 1x
2024 Mask Screws 81050181 2x


LED Options 

LED Model  Lumens  Wattage Draw
XL Pro and Squad Pro 4095 41 Watts
XL Sport 3162 30 Watts
EVO 2320 19 Watts
  • XL Pro at 41 watts are near the Ricky Stator limit. We do not recommend  more than 15 watts above the LED electrical load, on the aftermarket stator. 


  • Motominded LED kits come with Plug and Ride Technology (This means we take care of all the wiring and headaches for you)
  • Full range adjust ability using our Grab and Aim Technology (Simply grab and aim the LED(s) where you want them on the trail)
  • Motominded LED kits utilize High Performance Baja Designs LED(s) and come with Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • For Off-Road use Only
  • Do you want to add a tail light? We have our piggy back tail light harness. CLICK>>

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

LED Kit $ 195-425
Harness - On/Off with switch $ 69.95
Upper Mask Bracket (MotoMinded) $ 16
*if stator with XL/Squadron Pro $ 350