Rally Moto Kit V3 2014-21 KTM/15-21 HQV 350-501 cc

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  • Rally Moto Kit V3 2014-21 KTM/15-21 HQV 350-501 cc

Rally Moto Kit V3 2014-21 KTM/15-21 HQV 350-501 cc

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We cut a $150 check to Mason Klein for his 2022 Dakar effort, [ #KORROFFROAD ] with every kit sold. LINK to more about Mason >>

Introducing the all new Rally Moto Kit V3. This is a true 100% bolt on Rally Kit that is made in the U.S.A. Transform your 2014-21 KTM or 15-21 Husqvarna 350cc+ motorcycle into a light weight Adventure bike or ready to race rally setup.  Easily removable tower allows rider to switch back and forth between rally and enduro with minimal effort.

Rally Moto Kit is built on 9 years of rally racing and riding experience. Version 1 of this kit is Dakar proven and ran by 2012 Dakar finisher Ned Suesse.


  • Made from waterjet cut 1/8" aluminum & Polycarbonate & carbon fiber components.
  • Hard Anodized black aluminum plates
  • 100% bolt on installation (No welding, drilling, or cutting involved) 
  • Lightweight and rugged (9 LBS with dual S1 LEDs)
  • Easily convertible to racing applications
  • LED Lighting comes Plug and Ride for all EXC/FE bikes
  • Fully bolt on. Easily removable to go back to enduro mode
  • This is NOT a DOT legal kit

Rally Moto Kit Includes

  • Rally Tower with all supports and brackets. 1/8" Aluminum, black anodized
  • Frame Bracket for 2015-21 EXC/FE 350 CC+
  • 3 Lighting options available
  • Plug and Ride LEDs work with OEM light switch on bar
  • Clear KTM 450RR Faring & Air Dam integrated with our side panels 
  • 3 antenna mount (for rally events)
  • Roadbook bracket (for rally events)
  • GPS bracket (AMPS pattern)
  • Key Relocation & Switch plate
  • Speedo relocation bracket and wire extensions for speedo
  • Guide for front brake/speedo line
  • 1/4 turn quick release fairing and side panels
  • Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Guards included. (for mounting to lower fairing connectors)
  • Squadron Kit LEDs: Squadron Pro = High beam. Squadron Sport = low beam *both on in high beam for 8050 total lumens
  • S1 Kit LEDs: S1 in spot pattern = high beam. S1 wide cornering = low beam *both on in high beam for 4750 total lumens

    Special Notes

    • Lifetime manufacture warranty on plastic components 
    • 2 year manufacture warranty on Aluminum plates 
    • Crash replacement warranty on all parts
    • Front turn signals are not included in the kit. We recommend TacoMoto.co or Sicass Racing options that easily adapt to the kit

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