XL 80 Kit - 2017+ KTM

SKU: MM-XL8017-T
  • XL 80 Kit - 2017+ KTM

XL 80 Kit - 2017+ KTM

SKU: MM-XL8017-T


Bolt on an amazing amount of light and aim-flexibility onto your 2017+ KTM. This bracket will allow you to quickly bolt on the Baja Designs XL80 LED to your 2017+ KTM, up to 500cc. This Kit will work on EXC bikes with a high/low beam and 200w stator. Plug and ride!


  • XL80 LED (9,500 lumens @ 80 watts).
  • Programmable dimmer allows 0-90% power in low beam mode and 100% in high beam mode (10% increments).
  • Baja Designs created a special housing and bezel for our kit.
  • Highly adjustable tilt for accurate aim.
  • PC/PBT Frame = lightweight and rugged.
  • Plug adapter to plug light into your stock harness (on/off mode).
  • LEDs come in Combo pattern. If you would like a different pattern, shoot us an email.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pre-Assembled LED Kit Includes

  • 1x Baja Designs XL80 LED light. 9,500 lumens!
  • 1x Skene Electronic dimmer. IQ-275 Intelligent Control.
  • 1x Bracket with all parts needed to bolt onto your KTM, up to 500cc.
  • 1x Plug adapter to plug light into your stock harness (on/off mode).

Special Notes

  • Off-road use only.
  • Kits with the dimmer will blink 3x if keyed on in low beam. See the detailed instructions for the Skene Dimmer we use LINK>>
  • Kits with dimmer are wired for OEM harness. Contact us if you are using an aftermarket harness.
  • Order processing in 3-10 days, depending on the availability of our LED stock, then ships with USPS Priority, 1-3 day shipping, in Continental U.S..
  • See our detailed notes on our 3D printed products.

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