ULTIMATE Kit - 2014-16 KTM

  • ULTIMATE Kit - 2014-16 KTM

ULTIMATE Kit - 2014-16 KTM


Become the envy of your friends on your next trail ride. Slightly more output than a Squadron Pro LED with more pattern & aim flexibility.
We sell this kit as a spot and wide cornering combo. This kit is the best performer we sell. The spot pattern will throw waaaay down the trail and the wide cornering will help you see through the next turn.

Kit includes: 

- Qty2 S2 LEDs, One in spot, one in wide cornering 
     White housing $199.00. Our price $191.00 ea.
     Black housing $174.95. Our price $170.00 ea.

- S2 Bracket with bezel: KIT price $55

- Plug adapter included ($24.00 valeu) for EXC (high low beam switchable)
  Also available in the "all on / all off" EXC-W plug adapter.

2014-2016 KTM Off-road fuel injected bikes, 500cc and under.

- 2014 & 2016 KTMs with the OEM headlight shroud and DC power at the headlight switch.
- Works with the Baja Designs S2 LED.
- A 3D Printed, ABS plastic product = lightweight and rugged. 
- This bracket can hold 1 or 2 S2 lights.
- Each LED has highly adjustable, independent tilt.
- Off-road use.

* See our detailed notes on our 3D Printed Products.

Ships in 3-10 days. Depends on availability of LED lights.


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