ULTIMATE Kit - 2017 Husqvarna Enduro

  • ULTIMATE Kit - 2017 Husqvarna Enduro

ULTIMATE Kit - 2017 Husqvarna Enduro


Become the envy of your friends on your next trail ride. This kit has the ability to independently adjust each LED pair and you can have high/low without a separate dimmer.
We sell this kit as a spot and wide cornering combo. The spot pattern will throw waaaay down the trail and the wide cornering will help you see through the next turn.

Kit includes: 
- Qty2 S2 LEDs, One in spot, one in wide cornering light patterns
- S2 Bracket
- Plug adapter included for FE. Simply plug in and works with switch on bar.
Also available in the "all on / all off"  plug adapter for all Carbbed bikes.

2017 Husqvarna Enduro, Fuel Injected bikes, 501cc and under.
2017 Husqvarna Enduro, Carbbed bikes. Choose the AC option. Plug and Ride.

- 2014 & 2016 KTMs with the OEM headlight shroud and DC power at the headlight switch.
- Works with the Baja Designs S2 LED.
- A 3D Printed, Polycarbonate/PBT plastic product = lightweight and rugged. 
- This bracket can hold 1 or 2 S2 lights.
- Each LED has highly adjustable, independent tilt.
- Off-road use only.
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

* See our detailed notes on our 3D Printed Products.

Ships in 3-10 days. Depends on availability of LED lights.


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