Baja Designs LED Kits, for KTM 2024 EXC-F

$295.00 - $550.00
Choose LED: XL 80
Choose Dimmer: Manually Adjustable Dimmer
Regular price $550.00
Regular price Sale price $550.00
Regular price $550.00
Regular price Sale price $550.00

LED Options 

LED Model  Lumens  Wattage Draw
XL 80 
75.9 Watts
XL Pro  4095 41 Watts
30 Watts
Squadron Pro  4095 41 Watts


  • Motominded LED kits come with Plug and Ride Technology (This means we take care of all the wiring and headaches for you)
  • Full range adjust ability using our Grab and Aim Technology (Simply grab and aim the LED(s) where you want them on the trail)
  • All EXC-F and FE-S come with a High/Low feature that works with your OEM switch on the handlebars. 
  • Motominded LED kits utilize High Performance Baja Designs LED(s) and come with Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • For Off-Road use Only

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

  • 1x Baja Designs LED Kit, All hardware included,  Plug and Ride wiring
  • does NOT include headlight mask


  • The high-beam indicator light will remain on in both low and high-beam modes for the XL80 models. LED lights require a different form of dimming that is not present in the bike's wiring. 
  • Resistor dimmer does not work with high wattage XL80 LED. If selected it will not let you add to cart.