Collection: FAQ

-Why do you not take credit cards/payment over the phone?

Our insurance company does not currently allow us to take forms of payment over the phone. This is a protection for both us and you the customer. We want to ensure all your private information is kept secure and safe throughout your shopping experience.

-Do your 3D printed parts carry a warranty?

Yes, we offer 2 types of warranties at Motominded. First we offer what is called a crash replacement warranty, if you happen to break a 3D printed part due to a crash, or bike related accident we will replace your broken parts at a 40% discount. Second is our standard Limited Lifetime warranty, if your product does not meet or exceed our manufacturer warranty we will replace 100% no questions asked. 

-Non Motominded product warranty 

All NON Motominded products are limited to the manufactures warranty. All warranty issues will need to be addressed with the manufacturer. However, we will do everything in our power to assist with that process. 

All NON Motominded electronic components are subject to a restocking fee, if they have been opened or installed. Motominded has the right to refuse a return if the product has been used beyond resell condition. 

-Are 3D printed parts strong enough for Moto use?

Yes, we have spent hundreds of hours in testing and developing our 3D printing processes and designs. Although there are many different ways and materials to 3D print with, we believe that we have chosen the right combination of manufacturing and design to ensure a solid product is achieved for most anything riding dirt bikes will throw at our products. 

-Does Motominded offer any Racer Support/Sponsorship?

Yes, while we do offer racer support, we are very selective on who we choose to run our products. If you are interested in becoming a Motominded supported rider, please email us at