We are MotoMinded

MotoMinded LLC is a small but efficient company. Our passion is to imagine, design, produce, and sell clever products from our moto minds. Take a look at our shop below! 

Happily located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we are lucky to have some of the best places in the country to play on our 2 wheeled machines.

Our small design & production studio has opened up a niche of products that fit between the one-off custom and higher quantity production runs.

  • There is a slight trade off for now, our lead time. We create, package and ship products based on demand. We keep ahead of orders and carry some stock for our popular products.

We are Technology Minded

We use a few advanced manufacturing techniques to produce products in house along with outsourced billet CNC vendors. Current capabilities include Additive Manufacturing, Laser Cutting and etching, CNC routing.

We have a small army of 3D printers. The Additive Manufacturing process (AKA, 3D Printing) is different than traditional manufacturing processes. Here are the major differences.

  • No commitment to expensive plastic injection dies for every design.
  • Can quickly react to vendors and bike manufacturers yearly design changes.
  • Very little manufacturing waste.
  • Inexpensive machines to operate and maintain.
  • Varying surface finish. Our parts are not perfectly smooth and often have layer lines. This is due to the 3D printing process we use. The support frames that are structural and not easily seen when mounted on the bike have a rougher finish than our bezels. 
  • We manufacture with the latest plastic alloys available.

We are Review Minded

See for yourself what the community says about our products.

We are Locally Minded

  • Our goal is to only source vendors and supplies made in the USA. See our vendors and suppliers list.
  • Our 3D Printers are made in Loveland, Colorado by Lulzbot.
  • We purchase plastic from US suppliers when we can.
  • Chris Vestal, our founder and president, is sharing knowledge gained in our new process to the 2 local groups he has formed in Colorado Springs: 3D Printing Community & the Pikes Peak Makerspace, which he is CO Founder of.

We are Outreach Minded

We are Open Minded

We are constantly working on ideas and designing new products. To be notified of the next launch, suggest and/or request a product, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you.