RAD Lights

$450.00 - $490.00
Choose a harness type: Headlight tap harness 2012-23 Fuel Injected
Light Pattern: Combo / One spot lens - one wide lens / enduro speed
Choose a mount style: OEM Radiator Brackets - stainless steel
Regular price $450.00
Regular price Sale price $450.00
Regular price $450.00
Regular price Sale price $450.00

Our RAD Lights (RAD is short for radiator) is the brain child of Cody Webb. Cody is a Redbull Athlete with 3x AMA Endurocross championships, FIM World Super Enduro Championship and the only American to podium the Erzberg Rodeo 2x.  MotoMinded sponsors Cody with LED setups when the need arises. Cody happens to be a mechanical engineer so when he sends us an idea, we listen! 

During one of the Redbull Override races, Cody reached out to us with the idea of mounting lights low on the radiator guards. We made it happen. 

Now, years later we made improvements and launched the RAD Light LED Kit.  
The main advantage is the steady, frame mounted light. Independent of where your bars are pointed. Originally designed for hard enduro, these are optimal setup for high speed desert racing as well.  Lights up those black holes when the front wheel is in the air or in whoops. 


  • Infinitely adjustable aim and light patterns to get you the light where you need. Perfect for slow & tight single track, dual sporting a dirt road, or racing the Baja 1000
  • Designed to aim low to straight in front. 
  • Mix up one aimed lower and one aimed straight out.
  • We made the optimal location for the least amount of shadow
  • Protected inside the radiator shrouds
  • Motominded LED kits utilize High Performance Baja Designs LED(s) and come with Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • For Off-Road use Only
  • ** Baja Designs Shipping Lead Times apply to this product.  See Here>>


LED Details 

LED Model  Lumens  Wattage Draw
S-1 /  2x 2320 ea.  / 4640 total 19.6 Watts ea. / 39.2 total watts

*same as 1/2 of an XL80 LED
**see our LED wait times!! 

Note: Please be aware of your total wattage consumption. If you have an aftermarket headlight exceeding 41 watts we recommend choosing the harness to battery option.

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

  • 2x Baja Designs LED(s) attached to our RAD bracket
  • 1x Headlight Tap harness
  • Optional Harness to battery and switch. 


  • 2017-24 Fuel Injected KTM HQV GG 250-500 cc
  • 2023+ XC, SX, XCF, TX TC FX needs aftermarket stator to run  Add one here>>