Husqvarna 701 ABS Cable Guide 2016-18

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SKU: MM-ABSG690-18 /701-16-18
Regular price $19.50
Regular price Sale price $19.50


Quickly bolt on our ABS Cable Guide to your 2016-18 Husqvarna 701 and protect your exposed ABS cable loop. This will tuck in your cable, hold it inward, and out of reach of the elements that want to grab and tear it out.

If you have a 2019+ 701. Click here for the 2019-23 version


  • Guides your rear ABS cable to an improved, safer routing.
  • One bolt attachment (uses the same bolt that holds the ABS cable in place).
  • Polycarbonate alloy plastic product = lightweight and rugged.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kit Includes

  • 1x ABS Cable Guide.
  • 1x OEM style longer M6x25 bolt