TORCH - Tool Battery adaptor

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Choose Brand: DeWalt™ 20v
Regular price $46.00
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This product is for our customers who would like to power their Torch LED with a DeWalt 20v or Milwaukee™ 18v, tool batteries. 



  •  the Dewalt 20V batteries. (20v is the limit of our Torch LED)
  • the Milwaukee™ 18v batteries can get more than 12 hours with their 12 AH battery
  • Female end is designed to lock with our Torch harness system only
  • Inline fuse
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Special Notes

  • Only works with our Torch LED locking harness
  • Only works with the 20v XR and Power Stack batteries. Will not support 12v or 60v.
  • Does NOT include battery