Baja Designs LED kit for Husqvarna 2017-2023 TE

$215.00 - $465.00
Choose LED: XL 80
Model: Fuel Injected TPI
Regular price $465.00
Regular price Sale price $465.00
Regular price $465.00
Regular price Sale price $465.00
Power Valve - Power Punch
Jeff Grace RacingPower Valve - Power Punch


  • Noticeable flicker at low RPM's on Carbureted 2 Stroke models. Once moving on the trail flicker is no longer noticeable. 

LED Options 

LED Model  Lumens  Wattage Draw
XL 80 9022 75.9 Watts
XLPro 4095
41 Watts
Squadron Pro 4095 41 Watts
Squadron Sport 3162 30 Watts
  • Want to Add Hi/Low beam to your fuel injected TPI 2-Stroke? Click Here
  • 2018+ Husky TPI OEM Stator Output: 196W DC (Peak)
  • 2017-19 Husky Carbureted Stator Output: 100W AC (Peak) XL80 will not work. 


  • Motominded LED kits come with Plug and Ride Technology (This means we take care of all the wiring and headaches for you)
  • Full range adjust ability using our Grab and Aim Technology (Simply grab and aim the LED(s) where you want them on the trail)
  • Motominded LED kits utilize High Performance Baja Designs LED(s) and come with Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Off-Road use Only
  • Find yourself always riding in dust or fog? Click Here for amber rock guards for Baja Designs LEDs 

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

  • 1x bolt-on LED kit with plug and ride wiring.