Stout Mount

$98.00 - $111.00
Spacing: 90mm
LoPro or Stack: LoPro
Add Tilt Wedge?: Yes add wedge
Regular price $111.00
Regular price Sale price $111.00
Regular price $111.00
Regular price Sale price $111.00


  • Our STOUT MOUNT is a Universal GPS / Phone mount that provides a highly adjustable, convenient and super tough mount for your devices with the AMPS bolt pattern.
  • There are two version: 'Low Pro', which replaces top bar clamps, and 'Stacked', which bolts on top of OEM bar clamps.
  • Stacked version is 20mm taller than the Low Pro.
  • The stacked version works with BRP Handguard Mounts. Or if you would like to integrate the Stout Mount with the BRP mount, check out our specific, BRP handguard version of the Stout Mount here at this link.
  • Works with 1 1/8" (fat bars) only. 
  • If you are looking for the plate on it's own (eg. for transferring the mount to a bike with a different width) you can find those individual plates here at this link.
  • 2002+ KTM All Models (OEM 90mm)
  • 2015+ Husqvarna 125-701 cc (OEM 90mm)
  • 2015+ Beta Small Enduro Bikes (OEM 90mm) **Lo/Pro ONLY!!!!
  • 2019+ Sherco (not trials) (OEM 90mm)
  • 2018-2019 Honda CRF 450L (OEM 106mm)
  • 2002+ Honda CRF450R (OEM 106mm)
  • 2015+ Honda Africa Twin (OEM 100mm)
  • 2019-2021 Yamaha T7 (OEM 100mm)
  • 2019-2022 Yamaha YZ/WR (OEM 103mm)
  • 2019-24 BMW 800-850 GS (OEM 96mm) 
  • 2019-24 BMW 1250 GS (OEM 100mm)
  • 2024 Kove 450 Rally - with BRP Sub-mount (90mm)
  • 2024 Kove 450 with OEM bar clamps  (105 mm)
  • GPR damper mount 100mm
  • GPR V5 Damper - 106 mm
  • OEM bar clamp center-line spec is 90mm (All year KTMs & Husqvarna) works with all KTM and Husqvarna BRP Mounts Please confirm measurement for all aftermarket clamp options WILL NOT WORK WITH PDS/PDHS
  • If running a Steering Damper please verify measurement as some dampers change OEM spec. 
  • High mounted dampers, such as some of the GPR branded ones, will not clear the top plate. See picture below.
  • If your bike is not listed above, measure the width of your handlebar top clamps center-to-center on the bolts (in millimeters). Let us know if it fits a bike that is not listed so we can add it to this list. Thanks!


  • 4 different mounting positions
  • 20 mm of slide adjustment for even more fine tuning of the position
  • Works with all GPS mounts with the AMPS pattern
  • Center M6" for mounting LED or similar accessory
  • Easily drill any other necessary holes for your mounting needs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

  • Universal GPS Center Plate (anodized aluminum)
  • 2x Billet Mounts (CNC aluminum)
  • Quantity 4 - M8 Bar Clamp Bolt
  • Speed nut plate
  • Spacer for TrailTec Voyager Pro, or any GPS with a wide dock(+2in)
  • Add Tilt Wedge for angled view (Add $15)

****Some high-mount dampers, such as the older GPR below, are not compatible with the Stout Mount****