DMD-T865 NAV TAB (8″)

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Regular price $663.73
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A rugged navigation Android tablet to guide you on your next adventure! The perfect motorcycle GPS system for those who want versatility of the Android eco-system.
Includes motorcycle holder with dual charging system through M12 cable and pogo pins, our DMD2 app fully unlocked, Google Play Store, high-precision GPS and many motorcycle navigation specific features.

Attach it to the included charging holder and lock it with a key, the holder will keep your device charged and secure.

High quality GPS, IP67 rated, 2x SIM card + 1x SD Card, Android 12, Octa-Core Processor.

Includes tablet, charging holder with 2 keys, cables, tool for opening SIM/SD Card socket, pre-installed screen-protector.

Best GPS Precision we ever seen, external GPS antenna connection, internal metal structure for motorcycle holder, internally 12V-24V circuit (no need for external power supplies or danger of burning when you damage your harness).
Auto Turn On on power detection and configurable auto shutdown. Regular OTA updates, DMD2 included lifetime activated.

Now with new metal holder and new simplified harness! Note: Includes lock and you should always lock while riding!




Looking for an Android 8″ tablet for navigation that was made specifically for being attached to your motorcycle?

This IP67 device is optimised for navigation and was developed to be easily attached to your motorcycle, with charging holder, high precision GPS, light and good looking.

8″ Android 12 with regular OTA updates, Octa-Core CPU, 64GB internal memory + removable storage available for DMD2 maps and user files.

With charging holder (with key lock) that allows you to quickly attach and detach it from your motorcycle. Tested on tough enduro rides!

Includes DMD2 pre-installed with life-time license, certified and optimised!

Many motorcycle quality of life features like auto turn-on, configurable auto turn-off, ignition detection, gloves mode and three extra configurable DMD2 function hardware button.