H3D Support Bracket for F2R Roadbooks and Tripmasters

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SKU: H3D010
Regular price $82.00
Regular price Sale price $82.00

New H3D bracket, made from 3mm Aeronautic Aluminum (light and strong) and sits behind your F2R roadbook holder.

Bracket features :

  • – Made for all F2R electric roadbook holders (F2R RB730, RB750 rally and F2R RB850 Rally)
  • – Made for all ICO Racing and RNS tripmasters
  • – Perfect cabling fit for RNS TripMaster GFX
  • – Minimal spacing between Roadbook and tripmaster for fast accurate navigation reading
  • – Front TripMaster extra protection
  • – Back Drilling for cabling accommodation in back of the bracket
  • – Down drilling for secure tools, levers, zip ties or other