RALLY TAB Mount Extension

Regular price $40.00
Regular price Sale price $40.00
Regular price $40.00
Regular price Sale price $40.00

This is an extension designed to extend the Rally Tab forward when working with an AMPS style mount. 
Find more information about the Rally Tab here LINK>>


  • 2 mounting positions
  • Tilt Wedge included 
  • Stainless hardware included to mount extension to Stout Mount and Rally Tab Mount
  • Extremely durable and backed by our warranty 
  • Slots for convenient mounting of the Bluetooth Converter Box made by Rally Tab
  • Material: 1/4" aluminum plate laser cut
  • Weight 7.5 oz



  • Stout Mount for the most compact, durable and low profile solution
  • Rally Tab Mount   simple, lightweight, durable
  • AMPS Hardware Kit  Universal & time saving kit when mounting to our or another AMPS mount



  • No mounting hardware included. Please see our AMPS Hardware Kit if needed