2024 Headlight Switches - On/Off

$8.00 - $73.00
Type of switch: Jumper - bike running light on
Regular price $8.00
Regular price Sale price $8.00
Regular price $8.00
Regular price Sale price $8.00


The new 2024 Model Year push button light switch has been failing on only a few short rides because the switch is open on the sides to the environment. 

We have 3 replacement options for your OEM on/off light switch:

1. A very simple Jumper to eliminate the OEM headlight switch on the 2024 XC-W & TE bikes. The light will simply turn on when the bike is running and off when the bike is not. 

2. A mask mounted on/off switch. This option mounts in the hole where the turn signals would be on the street legal bikes. 

3. Bomber Bar Switch for when you want the best. This is a handlebar mounted switch for easy access.



2024 KTM / XC-W, XCF-W
2024 Husqvarna / TE, FE
2024 Gas Gas / EC

For older model bikes, check out our other version here.