Headlight Mask Extender

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Choose your year of bike: 2014-23 KTM & 17-23 Husqvarna & 20-23 GasGas
Regular price $15.00
Regular price Sale price $15.00


The Headlight Mask Extender is a package included in our Motominded Dash. This product allows you to have more room between your headlight mask and the speedometer by extending the slots where the rubber straps are inserted. 


  • Mask extender plates. Indestructible 1/8" acetal
  • Stainless steel hardware.


  • 2014-23 KTM & 17-23 Husqvarna & 20-23 GasGas
  • 2015-16 Husqvarna

Special Notes

  • If you are using a OEM headlight, the extender tilts the headlight forward effecting the angle of the light. The OEM headlight doesn't have enough aim adjustment to compensate. To fully extend the mask without compromising the angle of your headlight, we recommend including the Headlight Mask Relocator