Baja Designs LED Kits, for KTM 2017-23 EXC-F

$425.00 - $540.00
Choose LED: EPIC Kit : Squadron & S2 Pro Combo
Choose Dimmer : Non Adjustable Dimmer
Regular price $515.00
Regular price Sale price $515.00
Regular price $515.00
Regular price Sale price $515.00

LED Options 

LED Model  Lumens  Wattage Draw
XL 80 
75.9 Watts
6340 64 Watts
Ultimate  4490

46 Watts

  • 2017-19 KTM EXC-F OEM Stator Output: 196W DC (Peak)


  • Motominded LED kits come with Plug and Ride Technology (This means we take care of all the wiring and headaches for you)
  • Full range adjust ability using our Grab and Aim Technology (Simply grab and aim the LED(s) where you want them on the trail)
  • All EXC-F and FE-S come with a High/Low feature that works with your OEM switch on the handlebars. 
  • Motominded LED kits utilize High Performance Baja Designs LED(s) and come with Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • For Off-Road use Only

Pre-Assembled Kit Includes

  • 1x Baja Designs LED(s)


  • The high-beam indicator light will remain on in both low and high-beam modes for the XL80 models. LED lights require a different form of dimming that is not present in the bike's wiring. Our Ultimate and Epic models are not affected, as the separate LEDs utilize power from the stock wiring configuration.
  • Choose between the Motominded resistor dimmer and manually adjustable dimmer for XL PRO. XL 80 comes equipped with the manually adjustable dimmer.
  • Epic and Ultimate kits are designed without the need of a dimmer with an S2 LED on in low beam and both LED's on in high beam.