Motominded Manually Adjustable Dimmer 15-24 Beta fuel injected

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Regular price $69.00
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This simple dimmer harness has been designed specifically for the SINGLE HOUSING LED Kits we sell.  (XL80, XLPro, Squadron Pro, Ruby R7, R5, R4)
Our Manually Adjustable Dimmer is currently an option to add to our Plug and Ride LED Kits. This is an upgrade to our Resistor Dimmer.

Simple knob to turn and adjust the low beam intensity. 15% to 90% output. 
This is a PWM style dimming so the power consumption will be less the more you dim. The percentage depends on the total wattage of your LED.


Fuel Injected Four Stoke Beta bikes with high low switch.

* pinned out to plug and ride with the LED Kits we sell. Contact us if you are customizing.

** 2020+ bikes the high beam indicator may stay on. 


  • Simple in line plugin to dim. 
  • High beam 100% power.
  • Low beam dim power from 15% to 90%
  • Single switch for hi/low possible with our Bomber Bar Switch
  • Limited Lifetime warranty