Husqvarna XL Bracket Change Over Kit - 2017-23 Small Enduro and 701

$68.00 - $78.00
Bezel: XL 80
Regular price $78.00
Regular price Sale price $78.00
Regular price $78.00
Regular price Sale price $78.00


If you already have a Cast Housing Baja Designs XL LED, this is the easiest way to bolt to your Husqvarna OEM mask. Bolt on an amazing amount of light and aim-flexibility onto your 2017-2023 Husqvarna.


  • Highly adjustable Grab & Aim technology
  • Compatible with 2017-2023 Husqvarna with the OEM headlight shroud.
  • Works with the Baja Designs XL 80/Pro/Sport LED.
  • LED light NOT included with this product.
  • A 3D Printed, Polycarbonate alloy plastic product = lightweight and super rugged.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • SEE 2nd PHOTO for Housing Check!!! Baja Designs made 3 different housings.
    Only works with current cast shallow housing
  • Compatible with 2017-2023 Husqvarnas with the OEM headlight shroud

Kit Includes

  • 1x Mounting bracket.
  • 1x Set of mounting hardware.